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Colour Stories

On Friday, Nov. 22, the 4th annual “Colour Stories” design show, put on by design students at Cleveland State University took place at the Middaugh Building from 6-9 p.m. It was in conjunction with the Cleveland State branch of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).

Posters were made to display what colors mean to each individual artist and were part of a larger campaign. The images on the right with the light bulbs with the brains in them were made as part of a campaign to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s, for example.
According to Gia Paulovich, a Cleveland State design student and one of the event’s hosts, the event was there to showcase the work that the students did throughout the semester.

Bystanders had a chance to review the students’ work and help themselves to snacks.

“We have several different projects out from the beginning of the design curriculum to the end,” Paulovich said.

Some students created toys with gender-neutral packaging.

“Some people created toys, some people made websites, some made packaging web-ads, some created gender-neutral toy packaging, which was super fun,” Paulovich said. “We had to explore, ‘What does gender-neutral mean?’”

For their projects, students had to come up with a company, what it does, name it and completely brand it. The project above, Lauren Reed’s “Early Bird,” was for a coffee company that Reed created.


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